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OkoWsc are the Open source designers.

We use Open source software as it is very flexible for what ever you desire.
such software we use is

Content Mangement System-these allow you to easily change the content on your website and each one has specific advantages.


*Wordpress is for a more professional look and much more configuring possible,it also happens to be what powers this website.


*Drupal is more suited towards ease of management but has much less customisation possible.


Fourm Software-these allow you to have one or more ‘Fourms’ with each a place for your customers to post messages in different fourm categories. one category may be support each of your products etc…



Shopping Cart Software-these allow you to sell products online



Virtual Learning Environments-these allow you to provide educational content for a group of students.



We dont use any secret tricks,just great sites.

so if you dont like that thing,replace It with this thing and vice versa.

Any way for examples of our work please the links above.
you can browse our work on their respective sites.


we also offer Home Media Center’s that can stream your photo’s video’s and Music across your network to all of your pc’s and mobile devices and to any android device anywhere.

thank you for visiting if you wish to contact us please email support@okowsc.co.uk or you can use the live chat that is on the bottom right hand side of the screen,just click it.

Why Tim Why

The Following Post is a open letter that was sent to Tim Cook, CEO of Apple By our manager Gregory Oakley-Stevenson campaigning against DRM that causes harm to the wider community.

An Open Letter to Tim Cook.It is well know amongst my friends and family that i consider Apple Evil.
Why you may ask, well its a little matter of the DRM that is used by Apple to try and keep themselves in control in addition to the software being a locked down proprietary platform.

Does using DRM help the customer?

Now i know there is no chance of you removing but it wouldn’t harm you to explain why you feel that DRM is actually a good idea and please don’t give the normal nonsense such as

  • DRM is required by publishers-It is YOU that implement DRM that locks customers devices down to prevent them installing applications that you haven’t vetted, DRM hinders publishers.
  • DRM Prevents piracy-Well how’s that working out for EA?
  • Protects the user-let me think about this one, oh yea isn’t that the same excuse given by Microsoft about DRM in windows. We all know how secure Windows is.

Is it truly needed, simple answer.

We Meant what we said

When we say that we are The Open Designers we stand by that promise

My personal beliefs is that every single tiny piece of software in existence should be released under a Free Software License that the Free Software Foundation support.

This goes from the software that guides pilots in for landing on the new dreamliner,  to the very Basic fundamental firmware of just about every Computer the BIOS.


talking about BIOS i am in the middle(hopefully not the end) of a conversation with intel about their proprietary BIOS firmware and here is the Emails.

(Copied from Email,order goes my reply to intel their reply to my original message,them quoting my original message.


“I know that BIOS code is not like writing an OS device driver, however it is really not that much effort to make it free, can you explain why you persistently refuse to make your BIOS code free.

is it that difficult to release the full source code under an Free software foundation supported license? its only adding a few lines of text,then just uploading the code to a website.
even with the magnitude of different BIOS systems you have you are more than capable of leveraging the Free Software community for your own benefit and getting people improving your BIOS code at no cost to you.
One of the reasons computer manufacturers disallow a third party BIOS is because they often feel that it is your responsibility to manage the BIOS firmware,they should play no part.
well there is not that much point of a stub of an “open source firmware” that intel happens to sponsor, it will not cause any harm to fully free the BIOS it will as i have already said enable you to gain a much wanted range of third party developers.
“Please do not send me Microsoft Office/Apple iWork documents. Send OpenDocument instead! http://fsf.org/campaigns/opendocument/“”





“Hello Gregory,
Thank you for your email.

Writing BIOS code is not like writing an OS device driver. Chipset specifications can vary not just between chipset models, but between steppings of the same chipset. Problems in chipset hardware and problems in BIOS code are hard to distinguish without specific hardware instrumentation. End user BIOS replacement with a third-party BIOS (whether free or not) on a commercial motherboard is not allowed by nearly all hardware vendors because of the potential for BIOS viruses and the risk of rendering the hardware useless through ill-advised modifications.

BIOS is a part of the reliability and performance promise of the hardware. Chipset specifications at the level being discussed are commonly considered proprietary by all silicon vendors, not just Intel.

The open source firmware work that Intel *is* sponsoring could lead to a solution where proprietary low-level chipset initialization code from silicon vendors is made compatible with open source higher-level platform initialization and pre-boot management.

If you are interested, we invite you to participate at the EFI and Framework Open Source Community Web site**: www.tianocore.org

Best regards,

Tamara H.
Intel Customer Support

Intel is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries.

**Please note that Intel can neither vouch for nor recommend any third party vendor or Web site. We offer this information only as a courtesy.

*Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.

A representative of Intel may subsequently contact you (by e-mail) in order to obtain your feedback on the quality of the support you received. If you do not want to participate, simply delete the survey e-mail.

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Original Text

From: gregory@okowsc.co.uk <gregory@okowsc.co.uk>
To: corporate.support@saprp0ci.intel.co <corporate.support@saprp0ci.intel.com>
Sent: 06/20/13 13:21:52
Subject: Company question

reqfields: first name,last name,email
formtable: corporateproblem_fb
subject: Company question
resulturl: http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/forms/corporate-questions-thank-you.html
first name: Gregory
last name: Oakley-Stevenson
email: gregory@okowsc.co.uk
country: United Kingdom
form subject: Free Bios
questions: Hi Intel,
Please can you cooperate with a fully free BIOS.
As plenty of other people have told you a Free bios will help you in many ways.
Developers who happen to be end users can improve your bios for you,this is perhaps one of the greatest things.

Even if you do not accept any persons input please respect people’s freedom, we should be allowed to freely modify any part of our computer, from the OS(GNU/Linux) to the bios(Intel’s bios when made fully free)
You argue that it harms your company, you don’t exactly get that much from bios licensing fees do you?, and is the freedom of your end user customers not at all important to you?
ignoring that argument if you said that we would brick our computers, that may be so but that is a risk we should choose to take,it should not be chosen for us that we should not be allowed.

As soon as i possibly can i will move to coreboot http://www.coreboot.org/
unless you can beat me to it by making your bios well and truly.”

Annoucing OkoWsc Security Research

OkoWsc will now conduct studies into the effectiveness of trojans and other malware, compared to the software meant to protect against them.


One of our first projects will be setting up a (Virtual) Botnet,so we are able to see how much effort is needed to bypass some popular enterprise security software such as SOPHOS and NORTON.


we will post our research here on our website.